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Testimonials for ADI Qualification Training.

I contacted Martin as I was interested in becoming a driving instructor. I’d also contacted other independent instructors as well as two of the larger companies. Martin came back to me within a couple of hours and we agreed to meet. Martin was very helpful, knowledgeable, informative, very professional and most of all, honest about becoming a driving instructor. Martin was upfront and realistic about how long the training would take, how much commitment I would need to give and the cost of the training. The ‘larger’ companies weren’t quite as honest. Martin encouraged me to look into other training providers, which I did, but came straight back to Martin as I felt confident and comfortable with him and his style.

Martin has supported me throughout the whole process, gave me honest feedback and guided me in the right direction when needed. Martin is firm, but consistent and I have a lot of respect for him. Martin always encouraged me, even when I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere and he reminded me of how far I’d come. Martin constantly pushed me to achieve a high level standard and he expects nothing less. I’ve learnt so much from him, in all aspects of becoming a driving instructor. Martin always focuses lessons around me as the student and how I learnt best, always client centred learning.

I can’t thank Martin enough for how much he has helped and supported me through this process, something I will be eternally grateful for. I doubted my abilities quite a lot but Martin brought me back up and me see things differently. I know I can contact Martin with any questions or concerns and he will always happily help with anything he can.

Thank you Martin

Tracey McArdle
(DVSA ADI Wantage, Oxon)

I contacted Martin along with two other national ADI training companies to compare before making my decision of which company to use. I wanted to be able to choose the best one to go forward with that supported my needs. Right from the beginning at our initial meeting Martin was very professional, helpful and friendly, giving me advice and answering every question very honestly. Martin gave realistic timescales and costs to pass the ADI exams, all of which were very accurate and helped with my planning. There was no pressure whatsoever to do the training with him, if anything Martin encouraged me to look and compare with other providers allowing me as long as I needed in making my final decision.

Throughout my training, Martin was always very supportive and equally important, he was always honest. If my work was good, Martin would say so, if any improvements were needed, he would also say so. Martin has very high standards and he wants his pupils to achieve and succeed to those same high standard which I feel is a very good thing.

I trained with Martin from day one, he not only teaches you how to train pupils, but gives ongoing help and advice on how to run a driving school business which has been invaluable. I think Martin takes great pride in seeing his pupils go on to build very successful careers and hence is more than happy to do all he can to pass on his wisdom to help his clients achieve success.

In summary I cannot recommend Martin highly enough as not only has he been a great trainer, but also and hopefully has become a friend for life.

Thank you Martin

Kevin Emsden ADI

I contacted Martin for my ADI Part 3 Training. I was absolutely desperate following two unsuccessful exam attempts with other training providers and I knew this was my last chance.

Martin very quickly identified the gaps in my knowledge that the two previous ADI training providers had not seen or just ignored. I noticed that Martin was very methodical in his approach by guiding me through numerous areas of this test that neither I or the previous providers had even considered. This was a massive light bulb moment for me which gave me a whole new direction and approach to the ADI Part 3 Test.

The result ( with WSM) consequently was a success with a 5-5 score.

A great thought provoking Instructor, that gets to the heart of the matter efficiently rather than just taking the money! I can't recommend Martin enough!

Andy Banes DVSA ADI

After passing my ADI Part 2 Exam , I was informed by the DVSA Examiner that I needed to look for a very good D.V.S.A O.R.D.I.T Accredited Part 3 Trainer, before I make any attempt at the ADI Part 3 examination. Kevin Noble, a driving instructor for the Wantage area, recommended that I contacted Martin at WSM Driver and Instructor Training, which turned out to be the best telephone call I made. Martin, being well qualified in the field of training instructors , was very understanding, knowing exactly the position I was in. We agreed to meet at a Witney Hotel to talk and discuss the way forward - straight away I felt totally at ease. Right from the beginning of my first lesson with Martin I realised that this was no easy task , I was a total beginner, I really did not initially fully comprehend the amount of work that is required to pass the ADI Part 3 Exam, including understanding the test marking sheet - prior to meeting WSM.

Martin would always educate me in a clear, precise and professional manner, he made me focus on the basics and not to try and over complicate the tasks in any way.

Martin is the most honest, patient and highly professional trainer out there. He would never look at the time to finish a lesson, he always went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with the lesson. It was never rushed and his feedback was always accurate. After each lesson, I would receive an email about what I had learnt and how to prepare for the next lesson.

I highly recommend if anyone is thinking of taking up driving instruction as a profession that they speak to Martin first. I would not have passed my Part 3 test without professional training, I cannot thank Martin enough for his encouragement with the 1:1 training he has given me. It was a long road but worth every penny.

Many thanks again Martin I would not have passed my Part 3 Exam without your professional training.

Kind Regards

Andy Cusack DVSA ADI

"Testimonials for ADI Training to do justice to Martin's skills as a trainer in a few words is not easy."

I found him to be approachable and friendly whilst retaining total professionalism. I was impressed by his methodical approach informed by the syllabus linking it to the marking criteria leaving me in no doubt as to what I needed to achieve.

He could rapidly identify and analyse my blocks to learning and any errors in understanding, constantly shifting his approach with this in mind. Martin's use of question and answer technique invariably found me at a point of insight such that I could change my actions or at least appreciate what I needed to reprogram.

His sensitivity to the learning environment meant that he knew when to reduce the pressure or take a break. The breaks would start off innocently enough but usually there would be a point of learning that wasn't obvious until I found myself expressing that very point. I thought that was extraordinarily clever.

Along the way to becoming a part 3 survivor there are frustrations. Martin is always sympathetic and gives time for them but remains honest as to what needs to be achieved.

He is nothing less than client centred and focussed on achieving the task in a way that best fitted my learning ability, strengths and weaknesses. At no point did I feel that I was being processed via a standard package of set techniques that was a one fits all design.

Martin is a bespoke trainer.

He is also an altogether decent chap.

Thank you so much Martin for getting me through my part 3.

Andy Curtis ADI

"I cannot thank Martin enough for being the difference between me passing my final attempt at part 3, and the unthinkable of failing."

Having signed up with a national driving school, I had failed at my first two attempts, with the Supervising Examiner strongly hinting in his feedback that I needed to seek some independent training. Having searched the internet and found several independent ORDIT trainers around the country I emailed each of them to find out more about the services they could offer. They say first impressions count, and whilst some did not even bother replying, and others did but were vague, Martin readily answered all my questions. Initially this was by email, but then by phone, doing so openly and honestly, instantly instilling confidence in me that with his help I could conquer the dreaded part 3.

Martin's approach to the part 3 was very different to what I had previously experienced. He initially went back to basics with me, looking at the mark sheet, then giving me a structure to work to that would be effective not just when taking the part 3 exam, but also in day to day driving instruction with my pupils. With just one teaching method to worry about, the whole process became so much simpler. Whilst Martin's approach to training was always extremely professional, he still managed to make me feel relaxed and valued, going the extra mile to ensure each and every one of his training sessions not only produced progress, but delivered extremely good value for money.

I think it would be fair to say that Martin goes beyond the call of duty to provide the service he does, and as such deserves every bit of praise that it is possible to give him. I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of becoming a driving instructor speaks to Martin first, and if they still think it is the career for them, to then arrange to train with him.

Once again, many thanks to Martin, a top guy, even if he does support Fulham FC!

Jeff Bull BSc (Hons) ADI

I contacted Martin after failing my Part 3 exam with a 3:3 and feeling totally disillusioned with the training I had received from an on-line training provider.  He contacted me within a couple of hours and has been there every step of the way to passing my Part 3 last week.   Martin helped me to understand the marking sheet and the level of instruction required to pass.  Having had my confidence totally shattered from my previous failure, Martin was incredibly patient and knew exactly what to say and when to say it.  He is firm, fair and totally honest.  If I could turn the clock back I would have trained with Martin from the start, his training is fully 1:1, structured and worth every penny.

I now have a friend for life who is there to support me, now I am a fully qualified ADI, I can never thank him enough and only hope his ears recover from my screaming when I thought I would never be able to do it, Martin made me believe I could and I DID!

Thank you Martin.

Karen Bridgman ADI

I began training with Martin in Spring 2016 and from the first lesson I was thoroughly impressed with Martin's professional approach and detailed training plan.  Martin was able to push me slightly out of my comfort zone without derailing my confidence.  I was so pleased to pass my ADI part 3 exam in Autumn 2016 with a 5/6.

I would highly recommend Martin for an advanced level of coaching - I still find myself quoting Martin when teaching my pupils.

Rachel Hodgson ADI

I would like to say a huge thank you to Martin Mullenger of WSM Driver & Instructor Training Witney. Today I passed my ADI part 3 and couldn't be happier, I never thought I would get there.

Martin's patience and hard work to ensure you have the best possible chance of passing your ADI part 3 is unmatched. From the first lesson to the last, the training is of the highest standard, worth every penny.

I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who is thinking of training to be an ADI, I can say he is best out there. Thanks again Martin!

Anthony Harrison ADI

I contacted Martin after failing two Part 3 Exams, getting a score of 3-4 and 4-3 respectively. I had finished my ADI training six months prior with a large well known franchise company and felt totally let down. After failing my second Part 3 attempt the examiner advised me to get some further training as I had been struggling.

I wanted someone fairly local, with plenty of experience who specialised in rescue training for the ADI Part 3 Exam. After speaking to Martin for an hour on the phone we arranged to meet up for an afternoon. Martin was professional, considerate and he made me feel at ease straight away. We analysed my past test results, discussed the core comps and the PSTs (as these had never been explained to me in fine detail before). Martin also gave a practical demonstration of how to control both the pupil and the lesson.

When I left, we both agreed there was a lot of work to be done prior to my final attempt which was in three weeks time. Martin was very considerate and he didn't push me for more training as he realised that I had already invested so much money with the previous franchise company.

I was delighted to pass with a 4-4 which was a huge relief. I can highly recommend Martin for his training and only wished I had found him earlier.

Kind Regards

Sally McAllister ADI

Having failed my Part 3 ADI Examination Test twice with a National ADI Training School, I realised that there was obviously something missing from my training. It wasn't enough just to get students through their driving tests successfully as a PDI. As confident as I felt ,I needed some specific explanation of the Part 3 ADI Examination Test and some additional practical training with WSM to successfully pass it. Thankfully Martin of WSM provided that explanation and the additional training required to meet that standard required of passing the Part 3 ADI Examination Test.

I am now a fully qualified ADI and if you want to save yourself some money and a lot of heartache I would highly recommend Martin as an ADI Trainer to you. I just wish that I had met up with him a lot sooner, I shall certainly remain in contact with Martin and use his services in the future.

Bill Jenkins ADI

Having failed part 3, three times with training from a major national company, I decided to give it another try with a new trainer. It was recommended that I contact Martin Mullenger whose training turned out to be very different from before - thorough, professional and enjoyable. I looked forward to each training session.

He’s a hard taskmaster, but gets results with enthusiasm, integrity and great tenacity.

To cut a long story short – I passed part 3 at the first attempt this time with Martin and consider money invested with WSM Driver Training to be the best money ever spent on ADI qualifying training.

I would whole heartedly recommend Martin and WSM for any type of driver training.

Hugh Milton ADI

As a PDI I undertook my Part 3 training with a large “national training school”. I believed that the training was adequate to enable me to get through my Part 3 exam as all their trainers kept telling me that I was great and how easy the Part 3 test was. Therefore, imagine my amazement when on my first attempt to take my Part 3 exam, I failed. I was then informed that I would need to take an additional 5hrs training and tried again. I believed what my instructors had told me that the test was easy and I was good enough. The date for my second attempt at the Part 3 exam came with the national training school and I failed again. This time I was convinced that I simply did not know how to control the test.

After failing my 2nd attempt at the Part 3 exam I was lucky enough to be introduced to Martin at WSM Driver and Instructor Training who agreed to take me on as a client. This training was an eye opener for me as it was the first time I had ever received training sessions based on the PSTs.

My experience with Martin was, at times, hard to take on board as it became obvious very early on just how badly I had been taught by the “national training school” and how unprepared I had been for the previous two tests.

It is very difficult when one finds out they are not as good as they first thought and there were times I felt I would never get to the standard Martin wanted me to achieve, at times I wanted to give up.

However, with Martin’s help and persistent encouragement I stuck to it and was rewarded by a successful outcome to my 3rd attempt at the Part 3 exam.

This result, I feel, would not have been possible without Martin’s ability to train instructors to a very high standard. He was the only trainer that I had dealt with who clearly told me my current standard was not up to the grade and that I needed to change to meet the requirements to pass the Part 3 exam.

I am now proud to say and use “ADI” after my name thanks to WSM Driver and Instructor Training.

Brian Tippett ADI

Testimonials for ADI Standards Check Test Training.

I would like to extend my sincerest ‘thank you’ to Martin for helping me pass my ADI standard check test.

Martin helped me fully understand the SC1 format and enabled me to evaluate the areas I need to improve on, all held in a relaxed and friendly manner during our sessions.

Martin expects high standard of skills which he makes it evident to us. He shares best practice which gave me an opportunity to acquire the correct skills and in turn, apply them to my students during my own driving lessons.

Thank you very much, Martin, for your patience and understanding throughout my training period with you. I really appreciate the time and effort you exerted in helping me.

I will surely keep in touch with you as I intend to keep on learning and developing my skills in order to continue being an efficient and effective ADI.

More power!

Felix Yebra
F&H Driving School

Hi Martin,


I just wanted to thank you so much for your guidance and help re the Standards Check test, during our meeting.


I had my check earlier in the week and was graded A with an overall score of 46, there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have achieved that score without your expertise, knowledge and experience.

As I mentioned, I might be looking to take another route in the Driving industry in the near future and would appreciate your help if I proceed, I can't think of anybody more professional and able to assist me.


Once again, thank you for everything, your are a credit to our industry and I would have no hesitation in recommending anybody to you.


Kind regards
Stewart Saulter

Hi Martin

It was last year when I had your advice on the Standards Check. Pleased to say I have just passed today getting a score of 40.

Thanks for all your help.

John Hobson

I had the best 2 hour training for my standard check with Martin, it was very precise information.

Thanks again Martin.

Anwar Ali

Hi Martin

Just to let you know that I took and passed the Standards Check yesterday (first time) with a  Grade B and a score of 37 which pleasantly surprised me. The pass was definitely in part thanks to the session I had with you. I have worked hard on those points since.

I would really like to meet up a couple of times a year with you so that next time around I will aim and succeed with the Grade A!


I really feel now that I have “come of age” as a driving instructor.


Best Wishes


Daniel Cluff

I can’t say enough praise for Martin,  I had the Standards Check Test letter arrive. I am only a part time driving instructor and I've actually not taught a student for over a year. However I still wanted to keep my ADI badge for future.  I contacted Martin and arranged a 3 hour training session at very short notice of which Martin did a great job to find some space to fit me in. 

The session was so relaxed and really enjoyable which was really great which soon got me back into the processes of the Standards Check Test. We worked though potential examples of how to work the students with the options I had open to take on the day.  On the actual day of the check test I was really feeling much more confident compared with the last check test I had several years ago. I have always in the past felt and thought all seems to go well, but I am never sure until my result. This time I could not believe my result, 44 points and Grade A! along with a "congratulations and well done from the examiner",  I've never have experienced this before in any check test result prior to this training.

I can’t recommend Martin enough and thoroughly recommended that anyone having a Standards Check Test to give Martin a call and get few hours in long before the day,  it really can work wonders and it does make a real difference. 



Eddie Seymour (Grade A)

I had my standard check test today and I passed first time, I got 40 out of 51, thanks to Martin, he made everything clearer to me as the new standard check.  I highly recommend him to any ADI. Thanks Martin.

Tawfik (Tee) Zadia ADI

I would like to say a big thank you to Martin in helping me pass my DVSA Standards Check.

He is very approachable, friendly and has a vast amount of knowledge.

I had a couple of lessons with Martin and he was able to help me understand the format of the DVSA Standards Check. My training helped me to apply the new training skills that I learnt with him and to link them to the demands of teaching in line with the latest requirements of the DVSA.

Highly recommended!

Harminder Sehra, DVSA ADI

I have taken some New Standards Check Test training with Martin over the past year, in preparation of a pending Check Test. I found Martin to be very friendly, easy going and extremely professional. His knowledge regarding driving tuition was second to none, which resulted in my driving instruction greatly improving and I achieved my goal of a Grade A on my test. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin to anyone.

Richard Potts, Grade A
Witney, Oxfordshire

Hello Martin

I would like to start by saying a very, very big thank-you.

Let me explain, I had my very first Standards Check coming up just about a week away from when I first contacted Martin.

I looked around at various providers I could not find anyone that I felt could provide what I needed, so I contacted Martin on a Friday morning. Martin understood the situation I was in and by 2pm the same day I was sitting in a Witney Hotel being trained. How many trainers do you know who could pull that out of the hat - so quickly?

The training that Martin provided was (bearing in the mind the situation) very thorough and intense for obvious reasons.After two hours it was decided that a further two hours may well be of use and therefore I returned the following Tuesday.

Martin structured and delivered a very professional two-hour training session, which was practiced in the car.

What was the outcome you may now be asking……………. Grade A 49/51.

Do I need to say more?

Many, Many thanks once again Martin.

Neil Dix ADI

When the letter arrived for my New Standards Check on 29th April 2015 I immediately got in touch with Martin at WSM in Witney, Oxfordshire.

I explained to Martin what had happened previous check tests and booked some tuition for the first time with Martin based on the recommendations of other trainers I knew.

It's amazing what a few hours with a real professional trainer can achieve as Martin rapidly assessed where I was going wrong and by analyzing my techniques and rectifying the problems.

Result a grade A.

When my next standard check letter arrives I know who I will be calling.....

Many thanks Martin.

Gary Wiggins ADI

Hi Martin,

A massive thank you to you Martin, for helping me obtains a Grade “A” on my recent standards check- especially with all the hype on how difficult it is.

I decided to consult Martin of WSM and with his knowledge and support he gave me to achieve a Grade A was first class.

I cannot thank you enough, as I have been an ADI for 20 years; I came to your meeting in July 2015 and I am so glad I invested some time with extra training which paid off .

Witney, Oxfordshire

Hi Martin,

Having come back into driving instruction recently I renewed my green badge and within a few weeks my Standards Check letter arrived. I had got a grade 5 on my last check test so I was confident going into this one. What a shock it was ,when I failed!

I needed some help and was referred to Martin of WSM. We had a 2 hour session and went over the Standards Check Form.

I found Martin was very approachable and he sorted out where I was going wrong.

Recently I had my second Standards Check and obtained a Grade A. I would strongly recommend that ADI's train up for the new Standards Check and Martin would be my first choice as a trainer.

Jon Melvin ADI
Witney, Oxfordshire

I am so pleased that I found Martin to help me understand the New Standards Check. I failed my 1st attempt prior to contacting Martin at WSM and I was therefore dreading my second attempt.

After spending some time training with Martin, I was actually excited to get on with it and subsequently passed my standards check. I found Martin to be a friendly guy that really knows his stuff.

Simon Pickett ADI

I would highly recommend Martin Mullenger for all of your ADI training, whether you are considering a new career as a professional driving instructor, or like me, a driving instructor with 22 years teaching experience.

I had become a little complacent with regards to the Standards Check (check test).So it was a massive wakeup call when I failed a check test recently. I knew that I had to update my training skill knowledge.

I did my research online but it was in a test centre waiting room that I overheard someone talking about ADI training and Martin`s name was mentioned.

I contacted Martin and arranged a session with him with just two days before my second check test. Martin quickly identified my shortcomings, and I could see where I was going wrong.

Thanks to Martins thorough methods’ which I consequently applied this two days later and yehaa!!! I managed to regain my ADI qualification. I would like to thank Martin massively and I will go back to him to prepare for the new standards heck test that will be in place in April.

My recommendation is don't risk your green badge and leave your standards check test to chance.


Rob Sterman ADI

Dear Martin,

I would like to thank you so much for getting me through my ADI check test; I could not have done it without you.

I would recommend Martin, who I found highly professional and very friendly.

Like all drivers of any quality you get stuck in your own style, despite me having a very successful business and very high pass rate. We all have to continue to progress and keep up with the times that are continually changing.

I will be back to continue with my CPD in the future.

Thanks again

Martine Weir DVSA ADI

Hi Martin,

When you came along to give a presentation at my local Instructor Association meeting, regarding the new Standards Check, I knew it was vital I attended!

With the possibility of a letter from DVSA any day, after 5 years since my last 'Check Test', my anxiety level was definitely above the 'norm'.

The information you provided and thought provoking discussions you created, gave a re-assuring feel to the evening and my fear of the new 'Standards Check' was more controlled and balanced at the end.

Within 2 weeks of that presentation my appointment came through!

Planning and structuring some possibilities for the test, were immediately possible from your presentation and guidance. As the day approached the inevitable concerns went through my mind, but I felt it was entirely manageable.

The Standards Check came and went and I achieved a very satisfying 'A' grade, but in a way that I knew had only become possible from knowledge gained from yourself.

Many thanks and will stay in touch for 'next' time.

Kind regards

Terry Smith ADI & Fleet

I found the tuition for my standard check extremely useful. It allowed me to step back and think about making the student's do the work, and combine that with the new standard check criteria. I can tell why Martin is a 6!

I got a grade A! I wouldn't have done without your help and advice.

Best wishes :-)

Rachel Trett ADI

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me achieve my goal of passing my ADI Check Test.
After qualifying, I didn’t take up my ADI badge until the last possible moment as I knew I couldn't give the job 100% due to other commitments.

When I did receive my first ADI badge and my subsequent first check test, I panicked.  A fellow ADI recommended that I contacted & Martin Mullenger, which was the best thing I could have done. I had 3 training sessions with Martin and from the very first time I met him I knew what it was I had to do to achieve my goal.

I found Martin to be an ultimate professional, he but put me at ease straight away and I cannot recommend him enough. I know I will keep in touch as I learnt so much thorough the training session and I still have loads to learn from him in the future. Martin is what the profession is all about.

Thank you very much.

Grant Wallace ADI

Hi, Martin

Just a quick note to let you know that I have taken my check test today and that I passed. (Phew!!)

It was your tuition that really made me think and put me on the right path

May I say a big thank you for your help and I will recommend you to any other Instructors who may need help.

Many thanks again.

Philip Morris ADI

In Oct 2012, I took my check test and as usual I was expecting to blag it to get my pass especially as I have been in the driver training business over 25 years and never failed.

To my horror, I failed and was downgraded to grade 3; no one was more shocked than me, bearing in mind that I have never taken any further training since I past my part 3, more than 25 years ago.

I have a good high pass rate; I am well respected and followed in Oxford, this result was a massive wakeup call as I felt my whole career was crashing down around me. I needed help badly, so I began looking around for someone to retrain me.

After a week of ringing around different trainers, nothing came up to meet my requirements, until Martin Mullenger’s name came up at a local ADI meeting. I decided to give him a call because I was running out of time and naturally panicking about my up and coming Check Test date.

After just 2 hours training with Martin I was back on track. I cannot praise him enough; his training techniques and strategies are brilliant. Firstly Martin assesses you and then highlights where you are going wrong. He explains the SC1 Form so clearly and guides you to the standard required to gain your Check Test pass.

Nothing is too much trouble for Martin, he is kind caring and above all knows his job inside out. If you have a Check Test coming up, give Martin a call you will not regret it he is the best. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone.

Thank you Martin for my pass I could not have done it without you.

Christopher Smith BA (Hons) ADI

After failing my check test in September 2012 my confidence and ability as an instructor became low.

However only after just having 6 hours of tuition with you, my confidence came back and I subsequently passed my next Check Test in December 2012 with a grade 4/5!!

If it hadn't been for your patience and guidance throughout these sessions, I really do not think I would have passed with this grade!

I will certainly be back for more tuition in the future to help me progress as an instructor and to achieve my aim of a grade 5 on my next Check Test in two years time.

Thank you again for all your help and support.

Kind Regards

Arthur Maycock ADI

As an ADI with twelve years experience as an Independent, I cannot stress how important it is not to leave the check test to chance, as I found out.

I would recommend Martin, who I found highly professional and very informative.

Passing my check test with Martin’s help was a huge weight lifted.

If you value your ADI career and livelihood then contact Martin at WSM Oxfordshire.

Pete Church ADI
Islip, Oxfordshire

Martin offered me friendly, practical clear advice, he also advised me of the realistic number of lessons that I would need to meet my aims and objectives.

This further training enabled me to build my confidence to not just pass my subsequent check test with the examiner in role play, but also the training helped me gain additional subject specific knowledge to develop my career as an ADI.

I will be contacting Martin again to keep up to scratch!

Mike Feller ADI

I undertook 3 hours of Instructor training to improve my coaching skills for a fleet check test and I found Martin a very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging trainer. He gave me confidence with the check test which enabled me to achieve a good grade.

Thank you Martin

David Marshall ADI

Dear Martin

I appreciate your help and assistance with getting me through my check test and achieving a successful outcome.


Michael HouriganADI

Hi Martin

Being a newly qualified instructor and having had an educational check test I was determined to keep the grade I qualified with. I went to Martin for help and training to ensure this outcome. I found him efficient, knowledgeable and approachable. With some hard work put in and Martins assistance I have subsequently passed my test and maintained my grade.

Thank you

Anna Tomson ADI

I am happy to recommend Martin, he gave me some coaching training. I found him to be friendly, courteous, extremely professional and a brilliant trainer.

Russell Warner ADI, RoSPA Gold


I'd like to thank you for your time spent coaching me in readiness for my fleet check test.

After having only recently acquired fleet registration I was none too confident with what was needed to pass the fleet check test and how to implement it. With your patience, coaching skills and knowledge we spent a number of hours honing my coaching and presentation skills after which you made me feel more confident in that I could achieve a good grade on the day (which I did even with the examiner in role play).

Many thanks again Martin

Andy Temple ADI

"I trained Martin to become a driving instructor several years ago. He was very focused and self-motivated, and I knew that once he had qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor, he would continue his studies in his quest for excellence. This has been borne out, as Martin is now one of the most qualified driver trainers in the country."

Stuart Kelley ADI ORDIT - Registered Trainer Parts 1, 2 & 3

After dropping my grade on a check test I contacted Martin Mullenger of WSM Driver and Instructor Training.

Although Martin is located some distance from where I live, taking the training with him has proved very worthwhile. With his expert training skill and technique he helped me to improve my grade to such an extent that I only just missed out on obtaining a grade 6 on the subsequent check test.

I have the greatest respect for him as a trainer and would certainly recommend him to any other instructor seeking to improve their grade or at least keep their existing grade on a forth coming check test.

Mike Smith ADI

Dear Martin,

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the on road training in preparation for the Fleet Assessment which you provided recently. I was very impressed with the professional yet relaxed approach you took. In particular the way you made clear from the very beginning what was expected and your willingness to use varied coaching methods to get the best out of the training.

I have in the past been very disappointed with training by companies who did not deliver on what they had promised.

I would like to say thank you as you did more than fulfil what you had promised and far exceeded my expectations.

Kind Regards

Garry Ball ADI

Contacting Martin pre check test was very worthwhile. His professional approach and knowledge of our industry is second to none. After an assessment he identified areas for improvement and set out an action plan. Following this action plan through enhanced my teaching methods, particularly my Q&A techniques. All of the above prepared me well for my check test, for which was successful and improved my overall Grade.


I can thoroughly recommend Martin Mullenger. He helped me upgrade my instructor skills and bring my teaching right up-to-date with his one-to-one training, and when I took my ADI Standards Check Test, my grade was improved. It was extremely worthwhile doing this extra training.

Mike Talbot ADI

I initially contacted Martin, WSM Driver and Instructor Training, not long after passing my part three exam to become an ADI. I completed the Fleet Training Course at the DIA and needed to complete the DIA Special Test to be included on their register of trainers.

I contacted Martin for my initial training / assessment session. Martin was extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of advanced driving and highlighted various aspects of my driving technique that could be improved and with a lot of hard work practicing on my own concentrating on Martin's guidance; I could see my driving standard improve at every training session.

I successfully passed my DIA Special Test at the first attempt and have since kept in contact with Martin ever since. I am now practicing again to improve further and am now seriously considering the ROSPA Advance Driving test and I am aiming for Gold standard, hopefully again at the first attempt....with Martin's help!!

In addition, I am also utilizing a number of Martin's techniques whilst teaching my students, which not only benefits the students, giving them a greater awareness of their surroundings, observations, safety and general driving skills, it keeps me more focused on the subject matter in hand, up to date and relevant.

In conclusion, after training with Martin, he has given me the enthusiasm, strive and energy to continue training, first as I said with the RoSPA driving test and then the Diploma in Driving Instruction with the DIA. Although at present I am unsure whether I will go as far as Martin and get a degree, but no doubt he will convince me!!

Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending WSM Driver and Instructor Training for any driver training you may require from the new learner, to advanced driver training and more recently for any budding trainee instructors who may need fresh or additional training to pass their exams....I wish I found him earlier !!!!

Thanks again

Brian Hyland ADI & Fleet Trainer

Testimonials for Motoring Offences Training Courses.

I was highly recommended to contact WSM via my legal team following an accumulation of penalty points on my driving licence.

I found the whole experience of the training course that was designed specifically for me along with Martin’s expertise, knowledge and coaching style most beneficial and non-judgemental in changing my driving behaviour.

A very enjoyable day and learning experience – thank you.

Viv Anderson

Having met Martin in some unfortunate circumstances as part of a personal defence against a motoring offence, I felt it very important to share my experience. Martin without doubt was empowering and enabling, through adaptation tuition and overwhelming support to help me understand why my driving behaviour was a risk, taking a driving assessment with him was a hugely positive and humbling experience.

His approach was calming, reassuring and always with thorough explanation. He balances educating his pupils with confidence building, meaning when it came to sitting my driving assessment i was at ease and whilst in the process able to understand my driving attitude. He is able to use both computer-based learning, his own experiences and a calm and pleasant demeanour, to allow the participant to fully understand and appreciate how to use both the surrounding environment, the vehicle and the conditions to make it so simple to understand, reflect on and ultimately change your behaviour.

I can honestly say that I am a much better and safer driver for both meeting and working with Martin. I cannot recommend him and his services highly enough and I can't begin to thank him enough for his help, support and the experience - it's been a pleasure to take my assessment with you.

Thank you, Martin,

Kevin Moore

Hi Martin

I highly recommend your course, it’s a real brain changer and that is what we need to change for most drivers... Driving has been a part of my whole life from about 11 years of age to current, over 50 years....  I always reckoned on being a good driver.  This course shows us that actually we all need updates; we all need reviews of our driving skills and we all need to take responsibility for our driving.  We all have excuses for driving as we do but we need to take responsibility for our actions and understand that the problem is US not anyone else...this course has helped change my thinking.  75mph is okay isn't it...no its not 35mph in a 30 is okay isn't it, no it is not.  the car is too fast, no its not, it’s the driver...I really believed that last one, but no its me, I am in control not the car.... thank you for an excellent course...

Paul O’Brien

Dear Martin,

I have just reviewed your critique of the day which was accurate , constructive and topped off a very valuable experience.

Your absolutely unambiguous  and evidence based tuition came out very clearly in your report . I have to admit that at times I was not looking forward to this episode , but have to say that the quality of the evidence based tuition which you provided was outstanding and the driving experience exceeded any of my expectations.

We all have to learn . The experience can involve rote learning or be based on expert led deductive reasoning which you expertly demonstrated today . You have completely altered my attitude not only to speed awareness , but to management of, observation and car control and how to underpin the concept of safe driving not only in theory but also in practice.

It is my intention to request a follow up / consolidation session as I should like to lock in the learning to which we experienced today.

It is now my task to thank you for a very valuable experience today and with your assistance continue to become a safer and more effective driver.

Kindest regards,

Dr D F McCann

Hi Martin

I thought you'd be interested to know that the district judge (no magistrate yesterday) said that although she was a bit surprised that someone on a motorbike (who should've been particularly alert) was speeding, 'I am impressed that you took the time to do a driving course yesterday and with such a favourable report that I will give you a two week ban ...etc etc'.

So what a difference your course made! And that's apart from all the future difference it will make once I've really adapted my driving to a slower and safer pace. As I said, I really didn't know what to expect, so the whole day was a very pleasant surprise (hard though it was in some ways). I enjoyed all our chats about all kinds of things and it was a pleasure to meet you too.

I think this experience has been another example of my life being improved after having been caught doing something wrong. There is always a silver cloud and I think that was you, your wonderful course and the lasting improvements I will make because of it.

With warm regards, and best of luck with your future work.

Gabby Corry

At very short notice, I contacted Martin at 9pm on a Thursday evening. My appearance was first thing the following Monday, therefore time was very limited.

During our telephone conversation Martin agreed to help me, by attending one of his bespoke Driver Training Courses on the Sunday, prior to my court case which was the following day.

Thanks to Martin's training and subsequent in depth report, which was written on the Sunday evening and sent to my legal team on the same Sunday ready for the Monday morning appearance - the result I was able to keep my driving licence.

Many thanks for your help at such short notice.

George Turner

I contacted Martin on the advice of my solicitor after collecting enough points to get a ban under the toting up process. I am a service engineer who travels all over the country driving 40,000 pa on average.

I found Martin very knowledgeable and easy going. The course opened my eyes on so many things that I took for granted and didn't quite understand (even though I thought I did).

It's a great course to go on and his qualifications and standing helped my solicitor put a case forward for my defence. I am happy to say that the court didn't see fit to ban me (which would have destroyed my business).

Thanks to Martin I will now be able to notice when the speed limits change without waiting for the road signs, I will be able to control my speed using the correct gear instead of the accelerator and stay points free.

Thanks Martin

Joe Bennett

My day with Martin has changed my driving behaviour completely. I can not stress enough the value I derived from fully understanding the speed limit system, observing and understanding the road marking system, and noticing speed limit changes and 'repeaters' - then acting accordingly.

Using +/- tiptronic gear selection is a hugely helpful tip in managing my speed, and Martins' calm non judgemental approach to teaching only encouraged my willingness to change my driving style.

Emily, Age 40

Facing the prospect of a ban under the totting up pro cess my solicitor recommended an advanced driver awareness course. I contacted Martin and at very short notice he agreed to a one day course.

My problems were not related to excessive speeds on motorways or dual carriage ways but too frequently I was creeping over the 30 and 40 MPH speed limits.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Martin. There is no one on the planet who knows more about driving than Martin and he is an excellent tutor. He explained how speed limits were arranged and showed me how to anticipate a change in the limit before the signs appeared. He analysed my driving technique and quickly established that at low speeds I did not have sufficient control my high powered automatic. Martin encouraged me to make better use of the tip-tronic gear box and drive in manual mode in 30 and 40 MPH limits.

What a difference a day made. Thanks Martin.

Robert Field

Dear Martin

As a 75 year solicitor still very much practising the prospect of a driving ban under the totting up system was career threatening and potentially a family and social disaster.

When my solicitor recommended I take an advanced driving type course I was not enthusiastic - was it really going to make any difference to my exceptional hardship plea?

The best decision I have made for a long time was to embrace the course and stay over in Witney, so I could give it my fullest attention.

From the first minute you put me at ease making your desk top presentation engaging and interesting. I had been on two speed national awareness courses in recent years but learnt more about speeding in the first hour of your presentation

Your introduction to me of the trip tonic gear system in my Audi was a revelation and now a "must use” .I now feel that I fully understand the speed sign system and can keep within the law.

I am in no doubt that the fact that I had undertaken a course and the content of your so professional report was not lost on the magistrates this week and was a major factor in my avoiding a ban leaving me eternally grateful to you.

It was a joy to meet you and I have no problem if you publish this testimonial.

Thanking you again

Tom Cuff

Following on from a summons for an imminent court appearance for a speeding offence, my solicitor advised that I undertake a driver awareness course. As I was facing potential disqualification for this offence, I was only too happy to undertake the course, and it was already something I had thought about. I was however nervous about which company to approach, as I wanted to ensure that the training was relevant to me personally.

Martin was a most superb instructor, who had the skill of making you feel comfortable in his presence, without losing the gravity of training required. It was an intense day, with a presentation to begin and then ‘on-the-road’ training. Even before the outcome of my case, I was so grateful to Martin’s training, as it made me aware of the bad habits I had slipped into over the 27 years of my driving. I do feel that everyone who has been driving for 5 years or more should undertake a course such as this, as it is so easy to lose focus when you have been driving for many years.

Martin made me aware of the areas I needed to concentrate on, and helped me with many factors of my driving so that I now feel far more confident in my ability as a driver, and am more aware of the hazards of the road. He moulded the training to the areas of my specific needs, without losing any of the vital areas that needed covering in the days course.

This was not an easy day – I was exhausted both mentally and physically when I got home, but I am now driving with so much more awareness of the conditions around me.

I avoided receiving a driving ban primarily based upon the report into my driving that Martin provided, and I am so grateful for Martin’s help.

Kind regards

Janice Adey

When I was facing disqualification for a speeding offence, my solicitor advised that I should go on a driving training course with WSM Driver and Instructor Training. Not only was my instructor very courteous and patient, but he was also able to correct a number of poor driving habits that I had fallen into over the years and turn me into a better driver in the course of the day.

The WSM trainer provided me with their report on my driving and this was presented to the court – I am sure it was an influence in their decision not to disqualify me. The money I spent on the course was money well spent. As WSM have said, however, all I have to do now is not slip back into my old ways.

Peter H

Hi Martin

Just to let you know that the recent driver training day that I attended with you had a positive outcome and that I found it really worthwhile. I have been driving for 35 years and it was good to refresh my driving skills. Although the day was hard work, especially the running commentary, I did find it enjoyable and worthwhile.

Many thanks
Neale Gardener

Dear Martin

As you will recall I attended a day’s driving course with you on the advice of my solicitor because I had an imminent hearing for a speeding offence.

I wish I had taken the course before the speeding offence because it showed me just how poor my road knowledge and driving had become over the thirty years since passing my driving test.

Taking the course has definitely made me a better and slower driver, far more aware of the road and potential hazards.

I think your course is essential for anyone who has been driving for five years or more.

Many thanks for an enjoyable and rewarding day.

Yours sincerely

David Blythman

Having been recommended by my solicitor, to undertake a driver training course with WSM, as I was facing a ban due to the totting up procedure.

Not knowing what to expect, Martin Mullenger’s approach to the course was relaxed but very professional. Taking the time to explain the purpose of the day in a clear and concise manner.

It is amazing how little you really know about driving on the roads in general, why road signs are where they are and what they mean. I now know “the more paint on the road, the more danger there is”.

During the day Martins instruction and guidance were aimed at improving my driving and observation, reducing the risk of speeding and accidents. I gained a lot from the day’s instruction and have put into practice all that I was taught, especially the 3rd Gear for 30mph.

The report that Martin produced was submitted to the court as a mitigating circumstance, having already used an extreme hardship case in a previous case. Once my solicitor had presented the report with an explanation of who Martin was and what the course entailed, the Magistrates took the time to read through it.

After about twenty minutes, I was handed a 6 month ban, but the Magistrates noted the information contained within the report and specifically mentioned the Driver Road Risk Management Course; this was reduced to 3 months.

I would recommend the course for any one, not only for court but for drivers of any level, and if I could convince my wife (now my chauffer) to attend it would stop the white knuckle ride I am subject to whenever I need a lift.

Your Sincerely

M A Cookson MIET

My day spent with Martin Mullenger of WSM Driver and Instructor Training was extremely helpful. Thanks to his calm and informative tuition, I learnt to rethink the way I drive and now drive in a much safer manner.

Mrs Howard

Testimonials Taxi / Private Hire Driver Training.

Dear Martin

Just to let you know that I passed my DVSA Test for the Private Hire Licence today.

Thanks again for your help.

Iain Williamson
Witney, Oxfordshire

Testimonials Company Fleet Driver Training.

Dear Mr Mullenger

Just a short note to say once again that I very much enjoyed your course on Monday.

Notwithstanding the fact that I have been driving now for over 45 years, with an annual mileage well in excess of 20K, I gained an enormous amount from the afternoon. Your 4-hour presentation was a tour de force and very expertly done!

With regards and best wishes

Rob Newbold

Hi Martin

Many thanks to you and your team for the fantastic training day yesterday. We have had very positive feedback from the team - some of them have previously done driver training with another company that were simply not good enough so it is very encouraging that they found your training to be much more professional as well as enjoyable.

Thanks again

Lesley Newman
PA to the Managing Director

Martin did another fantastic training session this morning. Thank you, he is a great trainer.

Aileen Barber Facilities Manager
Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust

New Drivers Testimonials.

Martin Mullenger gave a course that I attended. I will freely admit that I was not keen on attending the course but the quality of a very thought provoking presentation made for a positive and enjoyable learning experience. My driving benefitted from the course and I had no hesitation in asking Martin to take on our 17 year old son as a learner. He passed first time and we are happy that he was taught to drive properly and fully, not only to get through the test. We will be asking Martin to teach our daughter next year. I would recommend him to any parent looking for a top class instructor.

With very best wishes.

Brian Ahern

Thanks again for teaching me how to drive; I'm still shocked I passed.

I learned to drive with Martin over a period of months and I can highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn. He's immensely thorough, patient, and friendly and is a truly an excellent instructor. He has an enviable record of getting his students through the test, but doesn't just aim to get them through - he also makes them into safe, sensible drivers. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Aidan Irwin-Singer

I started to learn to drive in my 30s, and Martin had his work cut out for him! His patience and good humour made lessons a pleasure, while his excellent and extremely professional approach to training has taught me so much. If you want to learn to drive (to know what you’re doing and to feel confident and safe on the road), not just “how to pass your test quickly” Martin is the man for you! I would have no hesitation in recommending him to learner drivers of all ages :)

Catherine Clark