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Company Vehicle Driver Policies

Many Companies are now taking their responsibilities seriously for their business drivers under Health & Safety. WSM can create a Driver Policy and Driver Risk Assessments tailored to meet your business requirements.

It is essential in today’s corporate working environment to ensure that driver policies are not only in place but are also kept up to date to protect employers and their employees.

  • Do you have a driver policy?
  • Do you drive on company business?
  • Do you employ car / van drivers?
  • Do your employees use their own vehicle for business purposes?
Company Vehicle Driver Policies

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

In order to reduce your liability under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, we recommend that companies should ensure that they have effective driver risk management tools in place with:-

  • Up to date company driver polices & procedures.
  • Ongoing company driver risk assessments.

Is your Company Driver Policy in Place?

In today’s corporate arena it is absolutely essential that companies have a Company Driver Policy in place to ensure best practice that:-

  • Employers and employees understand, comply and adhere to the company policy to protect the business.
  • Protects company drivers.
  • Protects third parties.
  • Protects company image.


Having an effective Driver Policy in place could save you time and money.

  • Reduce the risk of vehicle collisions.
  • Reduce time taken off work due to injury.
  • Reduce damage to company vehicles.
  • Reduce insurance claims and time costs associated with collision claims.
  • Minimise driver road risk and possible litigation through non conformity and lack of due diligence.

WSM can create a Driver Policy and driver risk assessments tailored to your needs to meet your business requirements.

An example of what you may find in a Driver Policy is outlined below:-

  • Company vehicle entitlements.
  • Use of the company vehicle.
  • Service and maintenance requirements.
  • Conditions of use.
  • Requirements and responsibilities of employees.
  • Authorised drivers.
  • Fines and offences.
  • Travelling abroad.
  • Accident & reporting procedures.
  • Theft of vehicle / company equipment (i.e. Laptops / mobiles).
  • Use of mobile phones whist driving on company business.
  • Leaving employment.

If you are interested in discussing Company Vehicle Driver Policies please contact us.

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